Devil Eater

Devil Eater 2.73

Stunning shooter adventure game

The supernatural's certainly in vogue at the moment. In Devil Eater, players can come face to face with entire legions of demonic entities, ghastly ghouls and murderous monsters as they purge the streets of five overrun cities of their new demonic denizens.

This scrolling shoot'em'up adventure game offers high-octane thrills and an innovative battle system, with highly sensitive controls that give players a greater range of attacks and defenses. It's possible to block an enemy attack up until the last moment, while the coveted Skill Shot feature can deliver a killing blow in a single move.

It's up to you how you play Devil Eater, with no set strategy to win. Players must spend time training their character if they're to wipe out the entire gallery of ghouls, with dozens of new attacks and blocks to learn so you can tackle the most able of your demonic foes.

Weapon fans will find the expansive arsenal an instant draw, with supernatural endowed rifles and pistols to pick from, all fine-tuned to make quick work of fast approaching enemies.

Fast paced and action packed, it's a race against time to wipe out the enemy before they can off you, with super sensitive controls to allow you deliver tailored combos and last minute blocks.

Still having trouble beating the boss after all that training? No worries. With Devil Eater, players can enjoy full customization down to their weaponry. Buy new weapons of war from the in-app shop, or pick up new power ups and bonuses as you play. Have you done particularly well? Make sure you cash in those high score bonuses before you play again, and use your well earned booty to purchase great goodies like new costumes, accessories and more.

Rated PEGI 12, this game is suitable for slightly children and more mature players, although the supernatural element and comic gore content may prove unsuitable for the youngest of gamers. Free to download and install to your Android phone, players can practice their game offline or on, with PvP and collaborative play, alongside solo offline practice and mission modes for when you want to sharpen your skills, but can't get online.

Devil Eater


Devil Eater 2.73

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